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Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil

1997 - R - 2:35
Warner Home Video
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Kevin Spacey
John Cusack
Jude Law
Jack Thompson
Alison Eastwood
Irma P. Hall
The Lady Chablis

The most important party of the Savannah Christmas season is at that genteel town's most elegant home. Black tie. Bluebloods. Then bang! Affable host Jim Williams shoots a man to death. The party is over, the mystery begins, and the back-slapping, glass-clinking scores of dearest friends who thronged Williams' home discover secrets that make them far less than eager to help good ol' Jimbo's courtroom defense. Director Clint Eastwood weaves murder, mystery and voodoo into a sumptuous adaptation of the John Berendt bestseller based on true events. Kevin Spacey as Williams and John Cusack as a journalist drawn to Savannah's grand decadence and quirky eccentrics lead a nimble cast.

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