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Might Ducks - The Movie - The First Face Off

1996 - NR - 1:06
Walt Disney Home Video
Voice Talents:
Ian Ziering
Jim Belushi
Dennis Franz

Far away in a distant galaxy, the evil lord Dragaunus returns to Puckworld, a peaceful planet of hockey-loving ducks, to take revenge against the peaceful inhabitants who once banished him! A special strike team of six young courageous superheroes - The Mighty Ducks - is formed to face off against Lord Dragaunus' dark forces! In a fierce battle, the Ducks kick Lord Dragaunus and his henchmen off the planet. But when the sinister mastermind escapes through a dimensional gateway, the Ducks follow him and find themselves transported to the weird, alien metropolis of...Anaheim, California! Trapped in a strange new world, the Ducks build a super secret headquarters under the Anaheim Pond to thwart Lord Dragaunus' plans to take over the world! This action-packed full-length movie is crammed with hot special effects and the superstar voice talents of Ian Ziering, Jim Belushi, and award-winning Dennis Franz!

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