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The Mind Snatchers

1989 - PG - 1:34
Congress Video Group
Directed by Bernard Girard
Christopher Walken
Ronny Cox
Joss Ackland
Ralph Meeker

Private James Reese (Christopher Walken) is a misfit G.I. stationed in Western Europe whose violent temper has landed him in the stockade more than once; even his girlfriend asks him to seek psychiatric help. Unexpectedly, Reese is driven to a secluded hospital and is assigned to a room with Miles (Ronny Cox), a young American suffering from terminal cancer who also suffers from bouts of aggressive, violent behavior. Slowly, Reese learns the truth: The Army has been using men with anti-social personality disorders as guinea pigs in brain-control research. After one outburst, Miles is treated and becomes a docile, mechanically gratified vegetable. Reese realizes with horror that he may be the next to have his mind "snatched."

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