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1996 - R - 1:29
HBO Home Video
Directed by Heywood Gould
Bill Pullman
Robert Loggia
Blair Underwood

When a cop-killer walks free and the cop that caught him is put on trial, action speaks louder than words - and nothing speaks louder than a gun. During his investigation of the cold-blooded murder of two police officers, Detective Steve Donohue uncovers a trail of evidence that leads to the home of an anti-police activist. But when Donohue's arrest of the accused leads to an accidental shooting, it's the cop - not the suspect - who finds himself on trial. Facing the possibility of a verdict that could destroy his career, Donohue decides to take the law into his own hands. Drawing a gun on the courtroom, he declares a mistrial and takes the accused, the judge and jury hostage. A new trial is about to begin - but this time justice isn't's armed.

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