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Moon 44

1990 - R - 1:42
LIVE Home Video
Directed by Roland Emmerich
Michael Pare
Lisa Eichhorn
Malcolm McDowell
Brian Thompson
Dean Devlin
Stephen Geoffreys
Leon Rippy
Roscoe Lee Browne

When the earth has no natural resources left to offer mankind, it's time to reach for the moon...Moon 44. Michael Pare (Eddie And The Cruisers) stars in this action-packed science fiction adventure, set in the year 2038. A deadly war rages between rival multinational corporations over invaluable mining planets. One by one, corporate owned moons and their priceless mining shuttles are falling prey to the enemy corporation, Pirite. Internal Affairs Agent, Felix Stone (Pare), is hired to go to Moon 44 and determine who in the company is leaking information to Pirite. The action becomes explosive when Stone discovers that Pirite isn't his only enemy. Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Lisa Eichhorn and Brian Thompson (Fright Night II) costar in this tension drenched thriller of greed, corruption and power that will leave your blood racing.

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