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Mortal Kombat - Annihilation

1997 - PG13 - 1:31
Paramount Home Video
Action/Martial Arts
Directed by John R. Leonetti
Robin Shou
Talisa Soto
Irina Pantaeva
and James Remar

In defiance of the Elder Lords, the evil Outworlders are back to wreak hell on Earth. Led by the mighty Shao Kahn, their gruesome goal is humanity's complete and utter extinction. Earth's last and only hope is the mighty martial arts warrior Liu Kang and his ferocious fighting friends. They're all that stand between life...and annihilation! It's even bigger and better than the original. With non-stop barrage of all-new spectacular fight sequences and special effects, Mortal Kombat is sure to appeal to the legions of fans everywhere.

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