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Mr. Magoo

1997 - PG - 1:28
Walt Disney Home Video
Directed by Stanley Tong
Leslie Nielsen
Kelly Lynch
Ernie Hudson
Stephen Tobolowsky
Nick Chinlund
and Malcolm McDowell as Cloquet

In the outrageous tradition of Spy Hard and The Naked Gun, zany big-screen funnyman Leslie Nielsen brings Mr. Magoo hysterically to life in this wild and wacky comedy hit! It's a screamingly funny adventure full of laughs...and danger! Nonstop comic chaos ensues when Mr. Magoo becomes the target of a notorious and ruthless band of international jewel thieves. A precious gem is stolen - and the clueless Magoo sets out to get it back! Bursting with high-flying laughs and adrenaline-pumping action, Mr. Magoo is the entertaining comedy that has everyone howling!

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