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My Giant

1998 - PG - 1:44
Warner Home Video
Directed by Michael Lehmann
Billy Crystal
Kathleen Quinlan
Joanna Pacula
and Gheorghe Muresan as "Max"

Generally speaking, second-tier talent agent Sammy Kamin is generally speaking. He has the gift of gab, the power of persuasion. And he just discovered 7'7" of big opportunity. Comedy and goodwill reach new heights when funnyman Billy Crystal and real-life basketball player Gheorghe Muresan star in Crystal's best movie since City Slickers" (David Kronke, Los Angeles Times). Ambition and 10% off the top are what makes Crystal's Sammy run. He's determined to bring his gentle, Shakespeare-quoting discovery (Muresan) from rural Romania to the USA. Sammy aims to turn his naive client into the biggest thing to hit action films since...well, there's been no one this big. But is a chance to star opposite Steven Seagal (playing himself in a clever cameo) what this gentle giant really wants? All his life Sammy's hustled to do well. Now he may have to find it in himself to do good.

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