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Mystic Pizza

1988 - R - 1:44
Video Treasures
Directed by Donald Petrie
Annabeth Gish
Julia Roberts
Lili Taylor
Vincent D'Onofrio
William R. Moses
Adam Storke

The picturesque seaside resort of Mystic, Connecticut, is home to three young waitresses who decide their futures are as appetizing as yesterday's pizza. Beautiful, sexy Daisy (Julia Roberts) plans to build a future on her smile, but "rich white bread" Charlie (Adam Storke - Death Becomes Her) turns out to be more challenging than she bargained for. Feisty Jojo (Lili Taylor - Short Cuts) is teetering on the verge of a stable married life with Bill (Vincent D'Onofrio - The Player, Dying Young), but visions of diapers and dusting make her faint at the altar. Bookworm Kat (Annabeth Gish - Desert Bloom, Shag: The Movie) has a Yale scholarship, but takes a summer recess to fall for a handsome married man (William R. Moses). These three couples discover that life has a secret ingredient. Romance is a spice worth savoring and the future can always deliver...during one special summer in a place called Mystic.

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