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The Official Story

1985 - NR - 1:52
Pacific Arts Video
Directed by Luis Puenzo
Hector Alterio
Norma Aleandro
Chela Ruiz
Chunchuna Villafane
Hugo Arana
Patricio Contreras

And only now can the truth behind the Official Story be told. In the mid-70's, Argentina's military dictatorship carried out a brutal campaign of torture and murder against thousands of its own citizens. Set in present day Argentina, the Official Story follows Alicia (Norma Aleandro), the sheltered wife of a wealthy businessman (Hector Alterio), who finds herself face to face with a legacy of terror as she begins to discover that her own daughter, adopted at birth, may have been stolen from a family of "los desaparecidos" (the disappeared ones). The Official Story is the true account of a woman faced with the hardest choice she could make, to live a lie, or risk tearing apart her own life and family.

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