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Once Upon a Crime

1991 - PG - 1:34
MGM/UA Home Video
Directed by Eugene Levy
John Candy
James Belushi
Cybill Shepherd
Sean Young
Richard Lewis
Ornella Muti
Giancarlo Giannini
and George Hamilton as Alfonso

Everyone's favorite comedic personalities star in this comedy caper about a lost dog, with enough twists and turns to tangle you up in laughter for a long time. Richard Lewis is an unemployed actor who finds Sean Young in Rome along with a huggable little daschund that turns out to be the hottest dog in Europe. If they can return it to Monte Carlo, they'll collect a big reward. Unfortunately, they take the dog home only to discover its owner has been murdered - and guess what? Giancarlo Giannini, the police inspector, makes them the chief suspects. However, they've got good company, including: John Candy, a compulsive gambler on a bad roll; James Belushi, the world's worst tourist; Cybill Shepherd, his housewife, who feels most at home in a casino; and George Hamilton, a gigolo who's so busy he needs a velcro zipper on his tux. This is an old-fashioned European comedy caper that's packed with more side-splitting stars and surprises than you'll ever see in one movie.

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