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One Fine Day

1996 - PG - 1:49
Fox Video
Directed by Michael Hoffman
Michelle Pfeiffer
George Clooney
Mae Whitman
Alex D. Linz
and Charles Durning

In this charming, romantic comedy, three-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Pfeiffer (Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Love Field) and ER star George Clooney find that opposites attract whether they like it or not. Melanie Parker (Pfeiffer) is juggling single parenthood with a career as an architect. Jack Taylor (Clooney) is a commitment-shy newspaper columnist who only has his daughter every other weekend. When their kids miss a school field trip, Melanie and Jack agree to take shifts babysitting for the day -- resulting in twelve hours of hilarious misadventures with one unexpected twist.

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