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One Tough Cop

1998 - R - 1:30
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Directed by Bruno Barreto
Stephen Baldwin
Chris Penn
Gina Gershon
Mike McGlone
Paul Guilfoyle

From the acclaimed producer of such gut-wrenching action hits as Carlito's Way, Sea Of Love, Scarface, Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon comes the real-life story of former NYPD detective Bo Dietl. When a nun is savagely raped and mutilated, Bo Dietl (Stephen Baldwin) and his partner Duke Finnerty (Chris Penn) track down the bad guys in the raw nerve that is New York's underbelly. Dietl's lifelong friendship with Richie La Cassa (Mike McGlone) helps. The ranking cappo of one of the biggest organized crime families in the country, Richie gives Bo access to the names and addresses he needs to solve the crime. This connection also puts Dietl under suspicion of the OCB and FBI agent Jean Devlin. Solving the most heinous crime in New York history ahead of the law enforcement hierarchy costs Dietl and Finnerty their badges. In this emotional crossfire, Bo betrays Richie by taking solace in the arms of his friend's ex-mistress, Joey O'Hara (Gina Gershon).

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