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1998 - UR - 1:34
Polygram Video
Directed by Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Dian Bachar
Robyn Lynne
Michael Dean Jacobs

Joe Young (Trey Parker) is a Mormon missinary who unsuspectingly knocks on the door of a Hollywood porn set. After whipping the thugs dispatched to remove him, he is recruited to replace the wimp lead in the superhero adult-flick "Orgazmo." Joe becomes a star when "Orgazmo" becomes a hit, causing a battle of conscience between his Mormon ideals and his need to earn a living for him and his fiancee. Adding to his woes, his co-star Choda Boy builds a real Orgazmorator gun, and off-screen lives begin to mirror on-screen personas. A series of hilarious antics and parodies of classic kung-fu fights ensue as Orgazmo and Choda Boy become Hollywood's newest crime-fighters, with a unique way of subduing their foes.

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