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Out Of Bounds

1986 - R - 1:33
RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video
Directed by Richard Tuggle
Anthony Michael Hall
Jenny Wright
Jeff Kober
Glynn Turman
Raymond J. Barry

Iowa farmboy Daryl Cage (Anthony Michael Hall) enters a terrifying world where he's out of time, under the gun, and Out Of Bounds in this stylish, action-packed suspense thriller. Arriving in Los Angeles, Daryl accidentally picks up the wrong bag at the airport and finds himself holding a million bucks worth of heroin - and danger. When his brother is brutally slain only hours after his arrival Daryl must run for his life from a psychotic drug dealer determined to kill him. In desperation, Daryl turns to Dizz (Jenny Wright, St. Elmo's Fire), a beautiful, off-beat girl he met on the plane. Trying to stay free long enough to prove his innocence - and alive long enough to make it matter - Daryl and Dizz seek refuge in the bizarre Hollywood night scene, only to become unwilling players in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Set to the tempo of a pounding rock score, the excitement never stops in this gripping, urban adventure where the only place left to run in Out Of Bounds.

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