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Passenger 57

1992 - R - 1:24
Warner Home Video
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Wesley Snipes
Bruce Payne
Tom Sizemore

The safest way to travel is by air, the FAA says. But the FAA never figured the risk with Charles Rane on board. He's "The Rane of Terror," the insane mastermind behind four recent terrorist attacks. Soon there will be a fifth - and that's bad news for passengers on Flight 163. But there's good news, too: the man in seat 57! Wesley Snipes (New Jack City, White Men Can't Jump, Boiling Point) earns his action-hero wings in this exciting, dead-on airborne adventure that packs a wallop. He plays John Cutter, an undercover airline security operative who steps into the lavatory and re-emerges to discover Rane (Bruce Payne) and his gang have taken control. Cutter's next move is clear. Do. Or be done to. Does he ever! Cutter takes on hijackers in air. Battles them on the ground after a forced landing. And breaks out some of the most lethal moves you'll ever see. If it's action you want, Passenger 57 is the only way to fly!

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