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Prelude To A Kiss

1992 - PG13 - 1:46
Fox Video
Directed by Norman Rene
Alec Baldwin
Meg Ryan
Kathy Bates
Ned Beatty
Patty Duke
Stanley Tucci
and Sydney Walker

Originally written as a fairy tale for Manhattan, the Prelude to a Kiss production was forced to relocate to Chicago because of an East Coast film strike. Though initially concerned about changing the setting, author Craig Lucas and director Norman Rene ultimately found Chicago perfect for the film's romantic story. In this unexpectedly moving comedy, newlyweds Peter (Alec Baldwin) and Rita (Meg Ryan) fin their promise to love each other forever is tested in a way they could never have imagined. Just moments after they exchange wedding vows, an elderly man appears and asks if he may kiss the bride. Rita says yes and it is not long before Peter notices that his bride is no longer the girl he knew. When he realizes that Rita and the old man have somehow exchanged souls, Peter knows he must find him to get back the woman he loves.

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