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1993 - R - 1:39
Academy Entertainment
Directed by Rick King
Jeff Fahey
Teri Polo
Robert Davi
Martin Donovan
and Tia Carrere as "Janet"

She's young, hot and deadly, and her name is Quick (Teri Polo). She's a hitwoman who aims as good as she looks. Quick's been hired to take out Brewer (Martin Donovan), a mafia accountant who's stolen $3 million from the mob's big boss (Robert Davi). Yet no one expected Quick to find Brewer and his millions so arousing, so intriguing...especially her boyfriend, a crooked cop named Muncie (Jeff Fahey). Blazing a bloody cross-country trail that erupts into a wild and frenzied climax, Brewer and Quick are on the run with the mafia, her boyfriend and a beautiful federal agent (Tia Carrere) in passionate and violent pursuit.

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