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The Railway Station Man

1993 - R - 1:33
Turner Home Entertainment
Directed by Michael Whyte
Julie Christie
Donald Sutherland
John Lynch
Frank McCusker
Mark Tandy

Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland star as a widowed artist and an eccentric American whose blossoming romance plays against the political turmoil in present day Ireland. After her husband is accidentally murdered in a terrorist attack, Helen Cuffe (Christie, Best Actress nomination for McCabe And Mrs. Miller, 1971; Heaven Can Wait) and her adolescent son, Jack move across the border to a peaceful coastal village in the Republic of Ireland. With a new lease on life, Helen flourishes as a painter and Jack grows up removed from urban violence. When Helen meets the town's eccentric newcomer, Roger Hawthorne (Sutherland, The Academy Award-winning Ordinary People, 1980; M*A*S*H*), she's captivated by the American's obsession with restoring a long-abandoned railway station - and they soon fall in love. But her happiness is shattered when a former member of the underground warns Helen that Jack is tied to a terrorist leader who wants to hide explosives at the railway station - a plan that goes awry and catches innocent people in the crossfire of a country torn by hate.

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