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1997 - R - 1:36
TriMark Home Video
Directed by Tibor Takacs
Rutger Hauer
Mark Dacascos
Yvonne Scio
Patrick Dreikauss

In the tradition of such science-fiction classics as Blade Runner and Escape From New York, comes a terrifying vision of a future unlike any seen before. When John Wade (Rutger Hauer) tries to smuggle fantasy chips for the city's cyberjunkies, he is betrayed by his partner Merrick (Mark Dacascos) and killed. Authorities resurrect him with bio-synthetic cyber-implants to interrogate him regarding the TROIKA, a crime syndicate that counts Merrick as a member. Once alive, Wade escapes and begins an intensive search for Merrick in the underworld of the future's seedy cyber-slums and sex-dens to exact revenge on the traitor in a blaze of gunfire. After dodging assassins and scavenger bounty hunters, Wade realizes that in this world, he can trust no one.

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