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The Rescuers

1977 - G - 1:16
Walt Disney Home Video
Directed by John Lounsbery, Wolfgang Reitherman & Art Stevens
Voice talents:
Bob Newhart
Eva Gabor
Geraldine Page
Joe Flynn
Jeanette Nolan
Pat Buttram
Jim Jordan
John McIntire
George Lindsey
Michelle Stacy
Bernard Fox
Dub Taylor

From the bright lights of New York City to the marshy swamps of the bayou, Disney's thrilling adventure classic follows the courageous exploits of two brave mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca. Answering an urgent call from The Rescue Aid Society, they take off atop the trusty albatross Orville in their quest to rescue a little orphan named Penny from Madame Medusa - a creepy criminal obsessed with finding the world's biggest diamond. But first they must outwit a pair of outrageous pet crocodiles before enlisting a spirited army of lovable swamp critters in a full-scale invasion of Medusa's riverboat fortress! Overflowing with action, music and brilliant Disney animation, The Rescuers is a timeless tale of heroism, friendship and teamwork that will entertain the entire family for years to come!

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