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Return of the Dragon

1973 - R - 1:30
CBS Fox Video
Directed by Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Chuck Norris
Nora Miao
Paul Wei
C. H. Huang
I. S. Wong
Robert Wall
Tony Liu

A double treat for Bruce Lee fans. The master of kung fu not only stars in Return Of The Dragon; he directed it as well. And unique among Lee thrillers, this one doesn't take place in the Orient, but in Rome - where Lee journeys to lend his lethal fists to protecting a family friend whose Chinese restaurant is being terrorized by local gangsters. Lee plays a hick country boy, but his fighting is more than a match for the most vicious Roman city-slicker. When Lee is in Rome, he not only does as the Romans do - he does them in! From start to thrilling finish - a galdiator-style battle between Lee and Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum - Return Of The Dragon is one of the most engrossing and entertaining of all the Lee movies. Must-see action.

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