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Reversal of Fortune

1990 - R - 1:49
Warner Home Video
Directed by Barbet Schroeder
Glenn Close
Jeremy Irons
Ron Silver
Annabella Sciorra
Uta Hagen
Fisher Stevens
Jack Gilpin
Christine Baranski
Stephen Mailer

Did European aristocrat Claus von Bulow attempt to murder his wife Sunny at their luxurious Newport mansion in 1980? The tabloids of the day certainly had their opinions. "You have one thing in your favor," defense attorney Alan Dershowitz told von Bulow. "Everybody hates you."
Reversal of Fortune is the acclaimed movie version of events that had all America talking. Jeremy Irons (Dead Ringers, The Mission) plays von Bulow in an Academy Award-winning performance of icy brittleness that also won a Golden Globe and Los Angeles and National Society of Film Critics Best Actor Awards. Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons) is wanly elegant as heiress Sunny. And Ron Silver (Blue Steel, Enemies: A Love Story) portrays Harvard Law professor Dershowitz, retained by von Bulow to uncover the evidence that will demolish the prosecution's case - and reverse a devastating verdict.
Based on Dershowitz's book by screenwriter Nicholas Kazan (At Close Range) and director Barbet (Barfly) Schroeder (both Oscar nominees), Reversal of Fortune is a mystery and a glimpse into the realm of the privileged elite.

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