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Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

1998 - G - 1:24
Warner Home Video
Directed by John Murlowski
David Gallagher
Martin Mull
Keene Curtis
with Lesley Ann Warren
and Eugene Levy as Professor Keenbean

When Richie accidentally wreaks a sleigh full of presents for needy children, he wishes he'd never been born. But Richie gets more than he bargained for when Professor Keenbean's Wishing Machine actually makes his wish come true! Now he's caught in the middle of an upside-down world where nothing's the way he remembers it - and no one remembers him either! Richie's having the adventure of a lifetime in a hilariously wacky race to get back to his own wonderful life and set things right with his hot-tempered cousin, Reggie, who is trying to ruin Christmas for all. Come join Richie (David Gallagher), his pals Gloria, Freckles and Pee-Wee, and his lovable dog, Dollar, for excitement, fun and a thrilling ride in a family film sure to make all your holiday wishes come true!

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