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1998 - R - 1:35
Artisan Entertainment
Directed by Neil Abramson
Jerry Springer
Jaime Pressly
William McNamara
Molly Hagan
John Capodice
Wendy Raquel Robinson
with Michael Jai White
and Michael Dudikoff

From the producers of Dumb And Dumber comes Ringmaster, starring Jerry Springer is his feature film debut. The King of Talk Television gets more than he bargained for when two groups of misfits meet on the set of his ficticious #1-rated show. Connie and her daughter, Angel, are there to work out some family issues: Angel is sleeping with Connie's husband, and Connie is having sex with Angel's fiance. Starletta comes to the show to confront her best friends, Vonda and Leshawnette, about "getting busy" with her philandering boyfriend, Demond. This outrageous cast of characters from the shallow end of the gene pool could only come together in one Ringmaster!

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