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Road House

1989 - R - 1:54
MGM/UA Home Video
Directed by Rowdy Herrington
Patrick Swayze
Ben Gazzara
Kelly Lynch
and Sam Elliott

From the producer of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon comes a sexy, action-packed adventure that pushes the envelope for high-octane thrills. Patrick Swayze stars as one of the screen's most unforgettable heores, charged with magnetic charm and lightning-fast martial arts moves.
Dalton (Swayze) is a legendary bouncer who comes to Jasper, Missouri for a special purpose: to restore order at the dangerous Double Deuce bar. But as, one by one, he rids the bar of thugs, hoodlums and hit men, he incurs the wrath of their employer - the notorious racketeer Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). The town lives in fear of Wesley, but Dalton is ready for action! He confronts Wesley's goons in one spectacular fight after another, but when they strike back with deadly force, Dalton knows he must face the crime boss himself in a blistering battle to the finish.
Co-starring Kelly Lynch (Cocktail) and Sam Elliott (Gettysburgh) and featuring hard-driving music by Alabama, the Jeff Healey Band, Otis Redding and more, Road House is where the action is!

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