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Robin Hood

1973 - G - 1:23
Walt Disney Home Video
Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman
Voice talents:
Brian Bedford
Pat Buttram
Candy Candido
Ken Curtis
Andy Devine
Monica Evans
John Fiedler
Phil Harris
Dana Laurita
George Lindsey
Barbara Luddy
Roger Miller
Pat O'Malley
Richie Sanders
Carole Shelley
Peter Ustinov
Billy Whitaker
Dora Whitaker

The legend of Robin of the most cherished stories of all time is brought magically to life as only Disney can do! The spirit of fun and romance abounds as Robin Hood, the swashbuckling hero of Sherwood Forest, and his valiant sidekick, Little John, plot one daring adventure after another! Maidens and minstrels look to Robin and his band of merry men to outwit the greedy Prince John and his sniveling partner, Sir Hiss, as they put the tax squeeze on their poor, hardworking loyal subjects. Wonderfully enchanting storytelling, delightful music and brilliant Disney animation make Robin Hood a treasure your whole family will enjoy again and again!

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