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Rolling Vengeance

1987 - R - 1:31
Charter Entertainment
Directed by Steven H. Stern
Don Michael Paul
Lawrence Dane
Ned Beatty
Lisa Howard

What do you do when your family's been senselessly killed by a clan of drunken goons who got off scot-free? If you're a young trucker named Joey, you take matters into your own hands. You build the ultimate monster truck. Then you even the score. Spitting flame, armed with a giant drill, his awesome rig is unstoppable as Joey pursues the clan leader, Tiny Doyle (Ned Beatty), and his murderous offspring. Together they track down the enemy one by one. They crush cars. Flatten trucks. Demolish buildings. Destroying anything, or anyone, that gets in their way. Rolling Vengeance is heavyweight action. A powerful story of twisted emotions. And mangled metal. The telling of which costs the lives of no less than 65 vehicles.

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