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Romancing The Stone

1984 - PG - 1:46
CBS Fox Video
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Michael Douglas
Kathleen Turner
Danny DeVito
Alfonso Arau
Manuel Ojeda

Romancing The Stone has the death-defying pace of the good old days plus the colorful advantages of today's best cinematography. Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas star as the adventurous heroine and hero. She is a homebody writer of romantic adventure tales who begins to live the kind of stories she writes when her sister is kidnapped in South America. He is a rugged jungle hunter who comes reluctantly to her aid. Together, they must battle the dangers of the wilds - and the equally ferocious men who stand between them and a successful mission. And together, they find love. Their story is told with a wise-alecky sense of humor that artfully balances the fast-moving, tension and surprise-packed events the couple encounters. If your taste runs to movies that entertain rather than instruct, you'll find Romancing The Stone just what you're looking for. With witty dialogue, a riveting story and wonderful stars, Romancing The Stoneis pure Hollywood entertainment.

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