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Ronnie And Julie

1997 - PG - 1:39
Hallmark Home Entertainment
Directed by Philip Spink
Teri Garr
Joshua Jackson
Margot Finlay
Alexandra Purvis
Tom Butler
Garwin Sanford

Two high-school sweethearts are skating on thin ice when their budding romance threatens to divide their families - and put their own lives in jeopardy - in this contemporary retelling of Romeo & Juliet. Handsome Ronnie Monroe (Joshua Jackson, The Mighty Ducks 1, 2 & 3) is a rising star on the hockey team. Beautiful Julie Cappell (Margot Finlay, Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog) is a figure skater with a bright future. But they are also the children of two political rivals (Teri Garr, Michael, Tom Butler, Ernest Rides Again) bitterly opposing one another in the race for mayor. And when a viseotape of Ronnie and Julie falls into the hands of the local TV news, their innocent encounter becomes a flashpoint that may destroy everything they both dream of in this modern day version of the beloved classic romance, Romeo & Juliet.

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