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Rough Riders

1997 - NR - 3:02
Warner Home Video
Directed by John Milius
Tom Berenger
Gary Busey
Brad Johnson
Illeana Douglas
Chris Noth
Brian Keith
George Hamilton
and Sam Elliott as Bucky O'Neil

Theodore Roosevelt wanted to create "the wildest bad-cat regiment since the Mongols rode the Steppes." Volunteers from all walks of life formed "Teddy's Terrors," the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Polo players and thieves. Privileged and poor. Ivy League athletes and leather-tough cowpokes. All had a devotion to duty and unsurpassed riding skills. But fate would force the Rough Riders to fight on foot instead of horseback. "When I was a kid, my heroes were Teddy Roosevelt, George Patton and Hopalong Cassidy," says John Milius (Red Dawn), who directed and co-wrote this heroic salute to Roosevelt and his fighting Spanish-American War comrades. Tom Berenger (as Roosevelt), Sam Elliott and Gary Busey lead the way in the epic saga of the conflict that shaped the nation's destiny and a future President's soul. From San Juan Hill...into legend. Chaaarrrge!

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