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Sarah, Plain & Tall:
Winter's End

1999 - NR - 1:39
Hallmark Home Entertainment
Directed by Glenn Jordan
Glenn Close
Christopher Walken
George Hearn
Lexi Randall
Christopher Bell
Emily Osment
and Jack Palance

In the most anticipated film event of the year, Hallmark Hall of Fame reunites Glenn Close and Christopher Walken for Sarah, Plain & Tall: Winter's End. Joined by Academy Award winner, Jack Palance, the third installment of the Sarah trilogy provides a glorious and touching story of a family drawn together by adversity.
In the midst of a perilous winter, a mysterious wanderer unexpectedly arrives at Jacob and Sarah's isolated Kansas farm. The stranger is John Witting, the father who abandoned young Jacob and his mother when Jacob was still a young child. Never fully understanding the reasons for his father's departure, Jacob has been embittered by a burden of anger and grief.
Though John wins the hearts of the children and the sympathy of Sarah, Jacob is tormented by his father's return. Despite a late winter storm that paralyzes the farm, their greatest obstacle isn't tending to the land - they must reconcile a relationship strained by years of resentment and neglect. Hallmark Hall of Fame brings you the third segment of the highly acclaimed Sarah, Plain & Tall series. In this heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity, the Wittings are challenged to forgive the past, and embrace the future a family.

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