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The Sea Wolf

1993 - PG13 - 1:33
Turner Home Entertainment
Directed by Michael Anderson
Charles Bronson
Catherine Mary Stewart
Len Cariou
Marc Singer
Clive Revill
and Christopher Reeve as "VanWeyden"

Charles Bronson (Death Wish) is Wolf Larsen the brutal sea captain of "The Ghost." He keeps his crew of misfits under control by savage violence and mental manipulation. When Larsen rescues the only survivors of a shipwreck, the aristocrat Humphrey Van Weyden (Christopher Reeve, Superman) and beautiful con-artist Flaxen Brewster (Catherine Mary Stewart, Weekend At Bernie's), he refuses to return them to land. He enslaves Van Weyden and locks the badly injured Brewster in a cabin for "protection" from the crew. When Van Weyden becomes an unwitting subject in one of Larsen's wicked experiments, he begins to question his own instincts, until he realizes that he must kill or be killed. As this terrifying tale unfolds to its shocking climax, the two must confront one another in an insane battle of wills and only the most savage will survive.

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