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The Secret

1993 - NR - 1:32
Cabin Fever Entertainment
Directed by Karen Arthur
Kirk Douglas
Bruce Boxleitner
Brock Peters
Laura Harrington
and Jesse R. Tendler

Discovering the truth is one thing. Sharing it is another. Three-time Academy Award-nominee Kirk Douglas (Spartacus) lends a strong and stirring performance to the touching family drama of The Secret. A critically-praised film about the agonizing repercussions of undiscovered dyslexia, The Secret features riveting portrayals from co-stars Bruce Boxleitner (The Babe) and Brock Peters (To Kill A Mockingbird). Douglas is Mike Dunmore, a well-liked general store owner in a small town on Cape Cod. Now a lonely widower, Mike has lived a lie his entire life - he can't read. Somehow, he has hidden his affliction from everyone, including his son Patrick (Boxleitner). When Mike's 9-year-old grandson begins having trouble in school, he recognizes the problem as his own. Can he sit by and watch the child go through life the way he did? Share The Secret's moving moments and wonderful performances with your whole family.

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