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See You In The Morning

1988 - PG13 - 1:59
Warner Home Video
Directed by Alan J. Pakula
Jeff Bridges
Alice Krige
Farrah Fawcett
Drew Barrymore
Lukas Haas
David Dukes
Frances Sternhagen
George Hearn
Theodore Bikel
and Linda Lavin

After the breakup of his first marriage, Larry Livingston is about to try something even scarier: marriage #2. Jeff Bridges (Tucker: The Man And His Dream), Alice Krige (Chariots Of Fire) and Farrah Fawcett (The Burning Bed) star in See You In The Morning, an engaging slice of modern romance written and directed with humor and heart by Alan J. Pakula (All The President's Men, Sophie's Choice). Bridges plays Larry, a New York psychiatrist whose second marriage carries lots of baggage from the past. He's still vulnerable to his ex-wife (Fawcett), his new wife (Krige) is temporarily overseas and all hell has broken loose at home. Yearning for attention, his stepdaughter (Drew Barrymore) has been arrested for shoplifting and his stepson (Lukas Haas), grieving for his deceased father, has disappeared. If Larry thinks he's without a pal, well, there's still man's best friend. Alas, even the pooch forsakes him. "Thank you, God, for sports," Larry sighs as he opens the newspaper. Divorce. Remarriage. Romantic Comedy. And the tangled webs and chaotic confusions they all cause. Using his own remarriage as inspiration, and with a smashing ensemble that features Linda Lavin and Frances Sternhagen in addition to the three leads, Pakula creates a joyful celebration of love - and family - the second time around.

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