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1987 - PG - 1:22
Orion Home Video
Directed by Woody Allen
Denholm Elliott
Mia Farrow
Elaine Stritch
Jack Warden
Sam Waterston
Dianne Wiest

Woody Allen, one of the funniest men in the movies casts his unique genius on the deeper side of human emotions...and creates one of his most moving films to date: September. A contemporary drama featuring an ensemble cast, September offers an emotional glimpse into the complex world of human emotions. Set in Vermont, during the last days of summer, six people are gathering - some invited, some unannounced - to spend a quiet weekend together. But by weekend's end, their hopes, dreams and fears are illuminated...and the delicately thin threads that hold their lives together are bared. Beautifully acted and meticulously crafted, September stirs deep emotions because it touches upon age-old themes - themes that, under the talented eye of Woody Allen, are transformed into compelling, contemporary drama. See the genius of Woody Allen unfold. Watch as the lives of six people you come to care about unravel. Then see them pick up the pieces and make a new start come September.

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