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Shining Through

1992 - R - 2:13
Fox Video
Directed by David Seltzer
Michael Douglas
Melanie Griffith
Liam Neeson
Joely Richardson
and John Gielgud

In 1940, Linda Voss (Melanie Griffith), a secretary from Queens, captures the attention of her handsome and mysterious boss, Ed Leland (Michael Douglas). Linda immediately suspects that Ed is a spy, but it isn't until America enters WWII that she discovers he's a Colonel in American intelligence. When Ed's key operative in Berlin is killed, Linda convinces him to let her go undercover. Transformed from secretary to secret agent, Linda is dropped behind enemy lines and, with the help of a fellow spy (John Gielgud), she penetrates the household of a high-ranking enemy official (Liam Neeson). Now, the true test of courage begins as Linda tries to accomplish her mission and get out of Germany alive. Based on Susan Isaacs' best-selling novel, Shining Through is an intriguing adventure filled with romance, suspense and danger.

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