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A Simple Plan

1998 - R - 2:01
Directed by Sam Raimi
Bill Paxton
Billy Bob Thornton
Bridget Fonda

The American Dream. In a gym bag. That's how three men (Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Brent Briscoe) size up what they've found in the snowy Minnesota woods. They've come across a downed plane with a rotting corpse inside...and over $4 million stuffed inside a duffel bag. Finders, keepers? Maybe. But first they'll need a foolproof plan. So they and the wife (Bridget Fonda) of one of the men start out with a scheme that's perfect in its simplicity...and lethal in its miscalculation of the human heart. Mistrust, murder, intrigue - all are soon at work in this stark, twist-filled thriller. Directed by Sam Raimi (Darkman), A Simple Plan "is the most gripping dramatization in years of the proposition that crime will always cost more than it pays" (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly).

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