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1992 - G - 1:39
Hallmark Home Entertainment
Directed by Joseph Sargent
Glenn Close
Christopher Walken
Lexi Randall
Christopher Bell
Margaret Sophie Stein
Jon DeVries
James Rebhorn

The beloved family from Sarah, Plain and Tall is reunited in a heartwarming sequel to the turn-of-th-century love story that captured the heart of America. It's been two years since Sarah came to Kansas as a mail-order bride; time enough to draw her ready-made family together, and for Jacob and Sarah to fall deeper in love. But a terrible drought is ravaging the land, and as crops fail and friends leave, the simple fabric of their lives is torn apart by the struggle to survive.
When a fire threatens their home and their lives, Sarah and Jacob are forced to make a difficult decision. Now a painful separation will test their faith and teach them that home is not just a piece of land...but a place within the hearts of those who love.

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