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Stephen King's

1992 - R - 1:29
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Directed by Mick Garris
Brian Krause
Madchen Amick
Alice Krige

The first Stephen King story written expressly for the scream. Only Stephen King, the dark genius behind Misery, The Shining and Pet Sematary, could have written Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, a classic horror story that takes the perfect Norman Rockwell town and turns it inside out. Brian Krause and Alice Krige star in this terrifying tale of modern-day vampires who prey on virtuous young women. Madchen Amick is the sexually curious virgin who falls for the new boy in school - only to learn too late that he's a life-sucking Sleepwalker. Mutating at will from golden boy to savage monster, Krause stalks Amick to feed his seductive mother. As the tension mounts (and the casualties pile up), the town's tabbies gather for a final, chilling showdown with the monsters in their midst. And we all know it's not nice to hurt people's felines...With a cameo appearance by Stephen King himself, Stephen King's Sleepwalkers is "sexy, sleek, and horrifyingly scary. The most frightening Stephen King movie yet!" (Jim Whaley, Cinema Showcase).
sleep' walk er: noun. Nomadic shape-shifting creatures with human and feline origins. Vulnerable to the deadly scratch of the cat, the sleepwalker feeds upon the life-force of virginal human females. Probable source of the vampire legend.
-Chillicoathe Encyclopedia of Arcane Knowledge, 1st edition 1884.

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