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Small Faces

1996 - R - 1:49
October Films
Directed by Gillies MacKinnon
Clare Higgins
Ian McElhinney
and introducing Iain Robertson

Constantly looking over his shoulder, young Lex MacLean spends each day in torment, not knowing whether or not he'll make it home without being harassed, beaten or shot. Growing up in a time when territory and gang affiliation out-weighed everything else, turning thirteen meant leaving the innocence of his boyhood behind and entering the shocking reality of his manhood. Torn between his two older brothers' lifestyles, young Lex faces life as a gang member or life running away from them. His tumultuous exploration is explosive, dramatic and brutally honest, as he discovers that manhood comes with a heavy price. Called "...grippingly intense" by Bruce Diones of The New Yorker, Small Faces leaves no holds barred in this hardcore, in-your-face coming of age story.

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