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A Smile Like Yours

1997 - R - 1:39
Directed by David Kirkpatrick
Greg Kinnear
Lauren Holly
Joan Cusack
Jay Thomas
Jill Hennessey
Sheridan Samples
and Christopher McDonald

First came love. Then came marriage. Now Danny (Greg Kinnear) and his wife Jennifer (Lauren Holly) are doing their best to add a baby carriage. But when their romantic interludes don't add up, Danny and Jennifer go from an inability to conceive to a series of events they could never conceive of - the perils and pitfalls of the fertility clinic. Include the advice of well-meaning pals (Joan Cusack & Jay Thomas), an on-the-make architect (Jill Hennessy) with plans for Danny, and Jennifer's sudden career success and potential merger with a cosmetics tycoon (Christopher McDonald), and you have all the ingredients for the smile-making comedy of A Smile Like Yours.

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