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1998 - R - 1:39
Warner Home Video
Directed by Paul Anderson
Kurt Russell
Jason Scott Lee
Connie Nielsen
Michael Chiklis
and Gary Busey

Anytime. Any way. Any planet. Galactic wars of the near-future are fought by soldiers trained to be merciless, obedient warriors. Times, however are swiftly changing. New bio-engineered combatants make veterans like Sgt. Todd obsolete. But don't expect to toss Todd on the scrap heap of history without a fight. Fans of sci-fi action get their viewing orders when Kurt Russell portrays Todd in Soldier, a hotwired-to-tomorrow adventure written by David Webb Peoples (Blade Runner, Unforgiven) and directed by Paul Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon). Big, bold and spectacularly pyrotechnic, Soldier backs its searing action with a startling vision in which mammoth "crawler" vehicles roam, planetary outcasts survive amid the jetsam of Earth's past and technology is almost beyond human control. It's a vision that's more than an eerie future. It's a total combat zone.

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