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Somebody Is Waiting

1998 - R - 1:30
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Directed by Martin Donovan
Gabriel Byrne
Nastassja Kinski
Johnny Whitworth
Rebecca Gayheart
Shirley Knight

Gabriel Byrne and Nastassja Kinski star in this powerful drama about a family's chaotic dance between tenderness and terror. When eighteen-year-old Leon Ellis (Johnny Whitworth) loses his mother in a violent shoot-out, his estranged alcoholic father, Bruce Ellis, returns to claim his house and his family. When Bruce's tendencies toward mental and physical control emerge, Leon challenges his father's role as man of the house in a battle that goes to the death. His father murdered at his own hand, Leon recognizes in himself the very demon he despised in Bruce. Desperate, he flees the law, fueled by the recklessness of adolescence, destined for the redemption of adulthood.

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