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Sour Grapes

1998 - R - 1:32
Warner Home Video
Directed by Larry David
Steven Weber
Craig Bierko
Matt Keeslar
Karen Sillas
Viola Harris
Robyn Peterman

They're cousins and best pals...till debt do them part! Richie figures he owes cousin Evan 50 cents. Evan figures it's more like, oh, a little over $218,000. A $436,000 slots jackpot - and the two quarters Richie (Craig Bierko) bummed from Evan (Steven Weber) to win it - set in motion a hip, richly funny tale of devious retaliation and outlandish consequences from film-debuting writer/director Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld. David weaves a sly crazy quilt out of life's big uh-ohs, tiny misunderstandings and all the unheld elevators that drive anyone nuts. Girlfriends (Karen Sillas and Robyn Peterman), a smothering mom (Viola Harris), a preening sitcom star (Matt Keeslar), an upwardly mobile homeless man (Orlando Jones) - and others join the comic character parade that helps make Sour Grapes so bitterly, outrageously sweet.

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