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The Spider and the Fly

1994 - PG13 - 1:27
Directed by Michael Katleman
Mel Harris
Ted Shackelford
Kim Coates
Colm Feore
Frankie R. Faison
Cynthia Belliveau
Kenneth Welsh
and Peggy Lipton

Beautiful best-selling mystery writer Dianna Taylor (Mel Harris) and her New York publishing crowd delight in playing "The Game," an intellectual charade in which they compete to see who can design the perfect "murder." Unsuspecting crime-writer Michael Moore (Ted Shackelford) becomes their latest "victim," ensnared not only in Dianna's clever games, but her loving embrace as well. But fun and mind games take a lethal turn when Dianna and Michael's wealthy publisher is discovered very dead - and both authors find themselves very real suspects. What follows is a rapid-fire game of "who done it," made all the more exciting by a cast of characters whose livlihood depends on their deadly imaginations.

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