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Dee Snider's

1998 - R - 1:31
Artisan Entertainment
Directed by John Pipelow
Kevin Gage
Elizabeth Pena
Brett Harrelson
Robert Englund
and Dee Snider as Captain Howdy

The glow of the screen illuminates his heavily pierced, tattoo-stained face as his fingers dance nimbly across the keyboard...searching, hunting. His computer handle is Captain Howdy, and he surfs the local chat rooms for young female prey. Girls like Genevieve and Tiana, who mysteriously vanish after an online conversation with the cunning cyber-predator. Detective Mike Gage has a personal stake in the case: Genevieve is his daughter. When Tiana's corpse - tortured, pierced and scarred - is discovered in the river, Gage realizes that time is running out for Genevieve. Taking sadistic delight in Gage's desperation, Captain Howdy sends the detective a series of taunting e-mails, challenging him to a deadly online game of cat and mouse, and drawing him into his "modern primitive" world - a strange land of fetish bars, s & m, body modification and goth-rock. Heavy metal superstar Dee Snider, Elizabeth Pena and Robert Englund star in this dark suspense-thriller, in the tradition of The Silence Of The Lambs and Kiss The Girls.

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