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Street Justice

1987 - R - 1:33
Warner Home Video
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Michael Ontkean
Joanna Kerns
Catherine Bach
J.D. Cannon
Richard Cox
Jeanette Nolan
William Windom

Break a law - any law - and you just might end up dead. Corrupt cops of a once-prosperous town are turning law enforcement into police-state terror. Meanwhile city politicos look the other way and continue to earn their clout the old-fashioned way (They pay cash). Luckily, there's one man who's not on the take. He's neither cop nor bureaucrat. He's 100-percent hero, a secret avenger who hits hard, hits fast, then lies low. Fans of Death Wish and The Exterminator now have another death-to-crime marksman to cheer for. His name: Curt Flynn. His turf: the terror-ridden streets of Street Justice. The greatful citizens Flynn protects would be shocked to learn his name. They're convinced Flynn is dead, gunned down a dozen years earlier during a top-secret U.S. spy flight. Power-warped State Department officials wish Flynn were dead. They wanted the incriminating secrets he knows to perish with him on the day they brought his jet down. Now they're gunning for Flynn again. And they never botch a second chance. Michael Ontkean (Maid To Order, Slap Shot) stars as Flynn in this loaded-for-excitement thriller-killer. Co-starring are Joanna Kerns (Growing Pains) as the former Mrs. Flynn, who has suspicions about the avenger's identity, William Windom (Murder, She Wrote) as a garrulous man of the cloth and Catherine Bach (The Dukes Of Hazzard) as an underworld femme of little cloth, who sides with Flynn in the fight for justice. Curt Flynn has the law on his side. It's a law called Street Justice, the last resort of heroes. And the first choice of action fans!

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