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1996 - UR - 1:57
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Directed by Andrew Bergman
Demi Moore
Armand Assante
Ving Rhames
Robert Patrick
Paul Guilfoyle
and Burt Reynolds

Erin Grant (Demi Moore) has lost her job and her daughter in a child custody battle that places her little girl in the hands of her lunatic ex-husband Darrell. To get the money necessary for an appeal, Erin takes a job at the Eager Beaver, one of the many Miami strip clubs that features a clientele every bit as colorful as the dancers. When Erin's dancing attracts the lustful attention of a deranged U.S. Congressman (Burt Reynolds), she soon finds that he'll stop at nothing - even murder - to possess her. Armand Assante and Ving Rhames also star in this bold comedy from the director of Honeymoon In Vegas.

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