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The Stupids

1996 - PG - 1:34
New Line Home Video
Directed by John Landis
Tom Arnold
Jessica Lundy
Bug Hall
Alex McKenna
Mark Metcalf
Matt Keeslar
and Christopher Lee

Meet the Stupids. Stanley (Tom Arnold) and Joan (Jessica Lundy) and their kids, Buster and Petunia. They're a nice, typical, suburban American family. Except for one thing. None of them has the sense God gave a lemon. Now the world's wackiest family is embarking on their Stupidest adventure ever. When Stanley Stupid discovers that someone has swiped the Stupid family garbage right off their curb, he decides to take matters into his own bumbling hands and catch the evil litter looter himself. Hot on the case of the missing trash, it leads the family on a hilarious romp through the neighborhood...or their name isn't Stupid!

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